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Super Mario 64

by superman9x
ConsoleNintendo 64
VersionSuper Mario 64 Rom/1997
Fize size6Mb
Region (Language/OS)Japan, USA, Europe
ROM Details


Super Mario 64 Rom is a game for you to rescue Princess Peach from the evil name Bowser. It can be said that Super Mario 64 belongs to the style of action, but you still need to move to find the exact position of the princess. This is a relatively long journey, you cannot rush because it directly affects the safety of the King’s daughter. With many skills such as climbing, crawling, and punching, you not only move, but also attack many other enemies easily. There are relatively many dangers, be wary not to get caught in their traps. Download Super Mario 64 Rom N64 and you have all the options in this new adventure rescue game.

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