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Super Bomberman

by superman9x
ConsoleSuper Nintendo (SNES)
VersionSuper Bomberman SNES Rom 1993
Fize size295Kb
Region (Language/OS)USA (English), Europe
ROM Details


Super Bomberman Rom is a game where you will play the role of a warrior using bombs to deal damage to the enemy. With two game modes, players can battle with available enemies or with other players. The destructive power of each bomb usually affected 4 sides. Make sure you stand far enough away from your own weapon. Super Bomberman SNES Rom requires each player to calculate carefully in order not to be counterproductive in the plan. Open new passageways by removing soft walls. However, in Bomberman Rom there are also relatively many solid walls that cannot be broken. When the bomb goes off, stand behind it you will be safe. Try to win with the super powerful bombs in the game.

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