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Super Bomber Man 5

by superman9x
ConsoleSuper Nintendo
VersionSuper Bomber Man 5 SNES Rom
Fize size1.1Mb
Region (Language/OS)USA (English), Japan
ROM Details


Super Bomber Man 5 Rom is the game for you to continue to step into the war using bombs to destroy your opponents. Players will be using 10 different maps, try to win on all fronts. Emperor Terrorin is the last person after a series of stages in Super Bomber Man 5. He frees bombers from where they are imprisoned. There is no other way, you and your friends to prevent them from the potential danger. No one knows what’s going to happen again, find their companions, and get rid of it before something undesirable goes on. Super Bomber Man 5 has both English and Japanese versions for you to choose from.

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