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Pokemon: Rosso Fuoco

by superman9x
ConsoleGameboy Advance (GBA)
VersionPokemon: Rosso Fuoco ROM GBA/2004
Fize size5.05Mb
Region (Language/OS)Italy
ROM Details


Pokemon: Rosso Fuoco Rom is a game that brings a lot of experience for those who love Pokemon. You have the opportunity to compete with many other coaches in Kanto and have the opportunity to prove your abilities. Role-playing character 10 years old, you were introduced to Pokemon briefly to understand it. It is followed by research and battles in many tournaments. Rom Pokemon version: Rosso Fuoco GBA also has many other side games such as jumping rope. I’m sure you’ll find a lot of fun not just weapon fights. Download Pokemon: Rosso Fuoco Rom GBA multiplayer battles are waiting for talented coaches to be present, are you one of them?

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