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Fire Emblem – Sealed Sword (Translated)

by superman9x
ConsoleGameboy Advance (GBA)
VersionFire Emblem - Sealed Sword GBA Rom
Fize size5.8Mb
Region (Language/OS)USA (English)
ROM Details


Fire Emblem – Sealed Sword Rom, also known as Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, allows the player to participate in the battle of Roy and his army. On the land of Elibe, is occupied by a very powerful force. Say that you also understand the mission of this game, right? That’s right, players will deploy their armies of strength to regain control in Elibe. The weapon system in the game is enough for you to have the strategy of reclaiming the land that belongs to you. It is impossible to let the father’s land fall into the wrong hands. Download Fire Emblem – Sealed Sword you need immediate action.

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