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Donkey Kong Country

by superman9x
ConsoleSuper Nintendo
VersionDonkey Kong Country v1.2 (SNES Rom)
Fize size2.6Mb
Region (Language/OS)All/English
ROM Details


Donkey Kong Country ROM is a game you will help the monkey regain the banana stock that was stolen by Kremlings, a bad crocodile. Even though the game has a multiplayer mode, you can still play it alone by choosing one of two characters. Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong they both have their own advantages and advantages. You want to be strong when attacking or agile while moving. Donkey Kong Country SNES Rom gives you the freedom to choose the right character to help Donkey Kong get back all the lost bananas. Running and attacking the enemy is what you will accomplish in this game. Download Donkey Kong Country Rom and find out how to get back the stolen banana and destroy the enemies along your way.

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