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Aladdin SNES Rom

by superman9x
ConsoleSuper Nintendo (SNES)
VersionAladdin SNES Rom/1993
Fize size900Kb
Region (Language/OS)France, Europe, Germany, Japan, Spain, USA.
ROM Details


Aladdin Rom is a game developed based on the famous Disney animated film in 1992. After a year of release, Aladdin SNES Rom is one of the versions that come closer to the player with many interesting modes. You can easily experience emotions to be no different from the movie. Palaces, storylines all are included in the game data for the most part. Even so, downloading Aladdin Rom is quite simple because it is very light. Compatible with the vast majority of devices with the lowest configuration. Fans of this character can now easily take on the role and dive into the story of the famous thief.

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